flowbot® ONE

Application Notes


Simplify PCR Setup with the flowbot® ONE

This experiment shows how the flowbot® ONE was used to automate a PCR set-up prior to amplification on a thermal cycler.
In the program, flowbot ONE produces a master mix and dispense it into a 96 well PCR plate. An identical setup was performed manually to compare the time spent.


Magnetic beads cleanup on flowbot® ONE

This experiment demonstrates the benefits of automating bead clean-up protocols. It documents increased precision and repeatability, reduced error rate, and maximized yield of purified biological materials.


Optimizing flowbot® ONE for different liquid classes

This experiment documents how the flowbot® ONE was optimized for handling dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), ethanol, glycerol, and Tween®-20 in different concentrations, and offers specific guidance on which parameters to adjust.