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Copenhagen Business Academy has one main mission: to give students the competences that are in demand in the world of business. That’s why the lab technician study line has put automation high on its agenda.

“It is instrumental that we structure our programs around both current and future demands in the real world. We have spoken with a lot of relevant companies, and they all highlight automation skills as something they are searching for. So, naturally, we want to dive into that and give our students the tools they need to succeed,” says Louise Bjørn, Program Manager at Copenhagen Business Academy.

The pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, has become a preferred teaching tool in meeting that real-world demand.

We chose flowbot® ONE because it is so easy to use compared to similar products. We want to challenge our students, but we also want them to learn. Using an intuitive robot can make complex methods seem simple.

Louise Bjørn, Program Manager, CPH Business Academy

biobanking with liquid handling robot flowbot ONE


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Intuitive automation in the classroom

Copenhagen Business Academy uses flowbot® ONE in their course about proteins and enzymes. During the first semester they are introduced to the robot, and in the second semester they use it for measuring pH optimums and creating enzyme reactions in a method designed by Program Manager Louise Bjørn.

With the basic skills in their bags, the students begin working on their own projects and setting up their own methods such as ELISA. This involves some complicated dilutions on the plates with different concentrations.

From the classroom to the real world

Louise Bjørn explains that her students immediately started playing around with it and even discovered some features before the educators.

“We assumed that programming included writing codes, but that is not the case on the flowbot® ONE. Even the students that tend to be quite hesitant about data management got the hang of it quickly. The fact that all you need is gathered in the user interface, which even mimics the deck of the robot, makes it very intuitive and a great teaching tool,” she says and adds:

“Learning from a user-friendly robot can make a lot of difference. It gave the students the confidence they needed and made them comfortable with lab automation. Overall, it’s been a great addition to course,” she finishes.

Understanding automation and being comfortable with it is a great quality to have as a lab technician – especially as automated workflows become an integrated part of the job.

That Copenhagen Business Academy brings automation into the classroom will no doubt make their students great assets for establishing lab 4.0.

About Copenhagen Business Academy

Copenhagen Business Academy is Denmark’s largest business academy and consists of five campuses in Greater Copenhagen and Northern Zealand. Copenhagen Business Academy offers professional higher education programs in which theory and practical skills always go together, and where the subjects taught can be seen in their proper perspective.

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