The robot has an open API that makes it very simple to integrate instruments like robotic arms.

The flowbot® ONE is designed to serve two different roles:

  1. To be a stand-alone table-top unit
  2. To work smoothly as part of an integration.

Through collaborations with Automata and Peak Analysis and Automation, we offer end-to-end automation solutions – making the flowbot® ONE even less dependent on human interaction.

Peak Analysis and Automation

flowbot® ONE can be controlled from PAA’s innovative platform-independent S-RUN software package. With S-RUN you can link the flowbot® ONE to a range of other devices including:

  • KX2 collaborative robot
  • Plate sealer/de-sealer
  • Plate readers & imagers
  • Plate stacks, racks & incubators
  • Plate washers & bulk reagent dispensers

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You can integrate the flowbot® ONE into Automata’s LINQ bench system which is a fully automated platform. The platform comes with a collaborative arm that moves plates to and from the flowbot® ONE and other instruments on the workbench.

The flowbot® ONE is great because it gives us a lot of flexibility and is easily integrated with existing equipment. It makes it possible to accurately pipette the right amount of liquid into the well-plates that are loaded by our robot arm.

Head of Partnerships at Automata

Uppsala University brings integration into the classroom.

Uppsala University is among our customers who are using flowbot® ONE in a fully automated workflow.

They have made an integration with a robot arm and software of their own designs as well as a digital microscope.

The flowbot® ONE was definitely the easiest instrument to integrate because of its very simple API. It works flawlessly in collaboration with a robot arm, partly because it’s so spacious which enables the instruments to work in parallel without colliding. Its super high precision also helps us with the millimeter-scale moves that are required.

Rikard Nyström, MSc lecturer at Uppsala University

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UV light in liquid handling robot