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Maximizing Returns - Utilizing Lab Automation for Enhanced ROI

This e-book takes a deep dive into return on investment in lab automation.

Through case studies, data, and testimonials, we explore the costs associated with manual pipetting as well as automation.

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Advancing your lab with automation

If you’re considering automating your lab this E-Book is for you.

Based on conversations with our customers we have gathered general advice, pros and cons, a checklist and customer stories – all to help you choose the right solution for your specific lab.

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Advancing your lab with labautomation

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Accuracy Matters

Download the e-book to get:

  • An overview of lab errors and solutions.
  • Best practices for performing quality control.
  • Best practices for achieving higher reproducibility.
  • Expert view: Alex Antypas, President of MESLO Americas

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More E-Books... People and robots and Lab Automation Trends


Bridging the gap between people and robots in lab automation

Automating your lab will no doubt bring changes for your facility as a whole.

So before the real fun begins, it is important to cultivate a culture where humans and robots can work effortlessly side-by-side.

We have gathered the key factors for success when implementing automation – from cultivating trust, empowering your staff, and altogether bridging the gap between humans and robots.

EBook people and robots

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Lab Automation Trends 2023

We have collected some of the trending topics in 2023 within lab automation in this EBook.

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Lab automation trends 2023

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When to automate liquid handling in your lab

This e-book provides useful insights into whether you should automate your lab and what to consider if you do, based on conversations with our customers.

With a quick-guide setup, it features general advice, pros and cons, a checklist and customer stories – all to help you choose the right solution for your specific lab.

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e-book with checklist for automated liquid handling

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The world is changing back to normal and so do the labs – this E-Book gives you some good tips and tricks on how you can repurpose your lab automation systems. We think this is such an important topic, so we give it out without sign up.