flowbot® ONE

Easy automation of your liquid handling

Automating pipetting should not be complicated

flowbot® ONE is built with the purpose of making pipetting easy. With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour. Whenever a procedure changes in your lab there are no need for complicated programming. flowbot® ONE is a plug and play solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment.

In fact, with flowbot® ONE you can start automating your liquid handling on the day of delivery. Want to see for your self?

Why automate your pipetting with flowbot® ONE?

Higher precision and accuracy
Automate your workflows in minutes
Free up time to do great science
Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot

The user-friendly design of flowbot® ONE has made it easy for us to adapt the robot to our existing procedures in the lab and so automation has been an uncomplicated and simple process for us.

Ana de Santiago Torio – Senior Lab Manager, SNIPR Biome

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flowbot® ONE frees up time for you to do great science. Book a free demo below and let us show you how.

A range of functions that eases your workflow

flowbot® ONE comes with:

  • 2 pipette modules (choose between 1, 4 and 8-channel)
  • Volume ranges: 1-20μL, 2-200μL and 10-1000μL
  • Capacity: 12 positions (SBS format)
  • Automatic liquid level detection

Would you like to see flowbot® ONE in action?

Get a free demo. You can use the pipette tips of your choice on flowbot® ONE.

flowbot® ONE – trusted by our customers

“We are incredibly happy that Flow Robotics can deliver flowbot® ONE so quickly. They are innovative, and they automate just what we need. We are very happy about it, and the cooperation has been really good.”

Jens Otto Jarløv
Chief Physician, Herlev Hospital

“Our stress levels have decreased in many ways: less repetitive work, and fewer potential errors. While the robot is pipetting, we can perform other tasks, accelerating the speed of the COVID-19 tests we are performing.”

Martin Friis
Molecular Biologist, Herlev Hospital

“Now, the sclerosis patients get answers 30 % faster than before. The time from we start the tests until we can conclude on results has been significantly shortened and it is really satisfying to me. We could not have done this without the flowbots.”

Dana Svraka
Medical Laboratory Technologist, Unilabs

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A guide to your pipetting robot

Handling 384 well plates with flowbot® ONE is just so much easier and pipetting mistakes are even eliminated. We are really happy with this.

Joan Thuun Hansen – Senior Lab Technician, River Stone Biotech

Frequently asked questions

2 pipette modules. Each module can be a 1-channel, 4-channel or 8-channel pipette.

Yes you can buy more than 2 pipette modules and then exchange these in the robot.

flowbot® ONE has a universal tip cone that allows you to use several different tips that fits your needs (just ask us for details)

No, you only need to provide a PC with a Chrome browser, ability to connect through WiFi or LAN.

Yes, you can enter input data with a barcode scanner, manually or in a CSV file and retrieve the results in a CSV file after job execution.

Yes, as soon as a program is saved, it can be reused and edited. It can be shared, so all users of the robot can execute the program.

Yes, multiple versions of the same program can be created.

We recommend a daily inspection of O-rings on the pipette modules, a half year service of the robot and a yearly volumetic calibration.

The flowbot® ONE integrates with a number of devices. See our page on accessories for overview. You can also contact us and we will help accommodate the right integration in flowbot™ ONE for you.