How-to videos for you who are using flowbot® ONE in your lab

It is easy to use flowbot® ONE, but sometimes you might have some questions, so in order to help you on the fly we have made a support area with some of the frequently asked questions answered by Anna in these small videos.

If you cannot find your answer on this page, just reach out to us – we are always happy to help.

How to do sample dilution on flowbot® ONE

Performing sample dilution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. Amalie shows you here how it’s done.

How to add a temperature controller in flowbot® ONE

In this short video Amalie shows you how easy it is to add a temperature controller to your lab workflow.

How to add a bioshaker in flowbot® ONE

If you need to shake your master mix you can easily do this in flowbot ONE with adding a bioshaker to your deck.

Amalie shows you here how that is done in the software.

How to add a magnetic module in flowbot® ONE

So, you want to add a device to your lab workflow?

Well, no problem. Amalie will show you what to do in the robot and in the software – it’s super easy!

How to unbox your flowbot® ONE

Great! Your flowbot has arrived, but how do you unbox it without breaking it?

It is difficult to brake a flowbot, but if you want to be on the safe side, just follow Annas instructions.

How to grease the O-rings on flowbot® ONE?

Time for maintenance!

Remember to grease the o-rings – Anna will show you how.