How-to videos for you who are using flowbot® ONE in your lab

It is easy to use flowbot® ONE, but sometimes you might have some questions, so in order to help you on the fly we have made a support area with some of the frequently asked questions answered by Anna and Amalie in these small videos.

If you cannot find your answer on this page, just reach out to us – we are always happy to help.

How to set up normalization in flowbot® ONE

Automating normalization is a fantastic way of keeping track of your concentrations and avoiding potential errors in an otherwise complicated workflow.

We have created a preset template program for normalization to simplify it even further. Anna shows how it works:

How to use the UV-Light in flowbot® ONE

To avoid contamination you can get flowbot® ONE with UV-Light. It’s really simple to use.

Amalie shows you how

How to work with CSV files on flowbot® ONE

You have the option of uploading a CSV file directly into the software instead of programming it manually. This is super practical for e.g., working with cherry picking or for running a standard program with varying amounts of samples.

Amalie shows you how

How to do contact aspiration

On a flowbot® ONE you can set the robot to touch the bottom of the wells or tubes and moves up a number of millimeters of your choice before it aspirates. This minimizes waste and gives you a low dead-volume. Amalie shows you how.

How to do pre-wetting and mixing in multiple hights

On a flowbot® ONE you can easily pre-wet or mix your sample or reagent in multiple heights. This is very useful if your sample or liquid contain compounds that tend to precipitate. Amalie shows you how.

How to do sample dilution on flowbot® ONE

Performing sample dilution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. Amalie shows you here how it’s done.

How to add a temperature controller in flowbot® ONE

In this short video Amalie shows you how easy it is to add a temperature controller to your lab workflow.

How to add a bioshaker in flowbot® ONE

If you need to shake your master mix you can easily do this in flowbot® ONE with adding a bioshaker to your deck.

Amalie shows you here how that is done in the software.

How to add a magnetic module in flowbot® ONE

So, you want to add a device to your lab workflow?

Well, no problem. Amalie will show you what to do in the robot and in the software – it’s super easy!

How to unbox your flowbot® ONE

Great! Your flowbot has arrived, but how do you unbox it without breaking it?

It is difficult to brake a flowbot, but if you want to be on the safe side, just follow Annas instructions.

How to grease the O-rings on flowbot® ONE?

Time for maintenance!

Remember to grease the o-rings – Anna will show you how.