YUMAB saves time with flowbot® ONE – and has obtained the flexibility they searched for

At YUMAB in Germany, it has been of great importance to save time. Therefore, they decided to automate their pipetting with the liquid handling robot flowbot® ONE.

Philipp Kuhn describes their work: “At YUMAB we do antibody discovery and engineering services for partners in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry by using mainly Antibody-Phage-Display Technology. We offer individually designed projects and business solutions for small biotech start-ups up to large biopharma companies.

In order to increase our throughput, we decided to further automate some of the most time-consuming tasks with the flowbot® ONE in our pipeline.”

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Philipp Kuhn has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biotechnology and works in the field of antibody discovery and engineering at YUMAB.

He and his coworkers recognized the need for reducing the time spent on some of their manual pipetting:

“We wanted to avoid time-consuming pipetting steps, for example for aliquotation and normalization of samples. So, we started looking for a flexible system that could alleviate these procedures, and we saw the potential of flowbot® ONE.”

“We decided on the flowbot® ONE due to its price and the high flexibility of the system. Flexibility is important to us and with the features that come with this robot we have a system that adapts to our shifting pipetting procedures,” tells Philipp Kuhn. YUMAB has generated therapeutic antibodies against the Corona virus and is trying to develop a drug. “The flowbot® ONE is going to be used for the characterization of Corona antibodies. Contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is very important and we are happy to have found a system that can aid us in this task,” tells Philipp Kuhn.

For now, the flowbot® ONE is doing aliquotation work and next, YUMAB wants to set it up for normalization of samples. They plan to include flowbot® ONE more and more into standard working steps in the lab.

We already see the results of using the robot from the time we save now, so, we want to use it for our other standard tasks as well, which is really valuable.

Philipp Kuhn – Ph.D. Molecular Biotechnology, YUMAB

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Many might recognize the concerns prior to installing and implementing a new automated system in the lab, as well as worrying for a steep learning curve. However, the team at YUMAB has been very happy with the process from buying the flowbot® ONE to having it up and running.

“Everything worked smoothly with the installation and training and we had all the necessary assistance,” tells Philipp Kuhn, “We still have to explore the full potential of the robot, but with the great design of the user interface, this is something we are really looking forward to.”

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