About Flow Robotics

Who we are

At Flow Robotics our pride and joy is liquid handling automation that everyone can use.

Flow Robotics was spun out of the IT University of Copenhagen in 2015 with the vision that automation should be more intuitive, flexible, and affordable.

Our liquid handler, flowbot® ONE, embodies these exact qualities, enabling you to empower your lab and achieve an effortless workflow with state-of-the-art technology.

We specialize in simplifying scientific workflows in labs around the world, specifically in applications such as PCR, qPCR, NGS and Biobanking.

Our products are designed, developed, and produced in our Copenhagen Head Quarters, and we have distributors and local support all over the world.

Our vision
We aim to revolutionize the hard, every-day work in modern labs around the world. We will be known as the most user-friendly brand in the industry.
Our mission
We make automation technology accessible and affordable for all by breaking down the technology barriers, always seeking solutions to improve workflows.

Our values

We are customer-driven
We put customers at the center of our business.  This enables us to provide better solutions to the challenges encountered in labs around the world.
We simplify
Ease-of-use is deeply embedded in our DNA. We make laboratory workflows more efficient by simplifying robotics technology ensuring that automation is accessible to everyone.
We are passionate​
We are proud of our products. We are committed, consistently providing high quality and affordable solutions for all.


2023: Flow Robotics has appointed Kim Christiansen as the new CEO

May 30, 2023

The Board of Directors at Flow Robotics has appointed Kim Christiansen as the new CEO of Flow Robotics. Kim has been CEO at Mikkelsen Electronics for the past six years and succeeds Annika Isaksson with the aim of unlocking the company’s international commercial potential.

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2023: Flow Robotics takes sample traceability to the next level

April 11, 2023

Flow Robotics, has added a new addition to their product family: ScanID – a game-changing scanning device for tracking sample tubes.

ScanID’s patent-pending technology offers both 1D and 2D scanning on one device and can scan an entire rack of sample tubes in one go.

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2022: Flow Robotics launches UV light in pipetting robot

September 29

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UV light in liquid handling robot


2022: Flow Robotics launches HEPA filter for pipetting robot.

October 27

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liquid handling robot with hepa filter

2022: Flow Robotics raises over 10 mEuro in a Series A Investment Round

June 1

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2021: Automata and Flow Robotics collaboration

November 2021

End-to-end automation of lab workflow is now possible as Automata and Flow Robotics has teamed up and integrated the robot arm, Eva, with flowbot® ONE. In the workflow, Eva tends to flowbot® ONE by switching its racks continuously while it performs pipetting tasks.

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automata and flow robotics

2021: Establishment of Flow Robotics Inc.

September 2021

Flow Robotics open office in USA.

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2021: Winner of DIRA Technology Award 2021

August 2021

The Award is given to honor a unique and innovative Danish technology product with great market potential, scalability and cutting-edge technology. The Jury’s reason for awarding Flow Robotics:

“User-friendly is key to this robot. Scalability and the multiple usage of the robot is definitely something Flow Robotics has considered in their flowbot® ONE. This is why we chose Flow Robotics as winner of the DIRA Technology award 2021” Read the article here

DIRA award 2021

2021: Væksfonden invests in Flow Robotics

May 2021

2020: Collaboration with LabHelp in the Netherlands

November 2020

About distribution of flowbot® ONE

2020: Collaboration with Lab SE in Sweden

April 2020

About distribution of flowbot® ONE

2020: flowbot® ONE installed at Danish hospitals

March 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for more fast and efficient test setups increased significantly and Flow Robotics stepped into the fight. Several flowbot® ONEs are now installed and running in Danish Hospital labs and in one lab in Germany preparing COVID-19 samples.

2019: Collaboration with VWR

September 2019

Flow Robotics collaborates with VWR as a co-distributor of flowbot® ONE. Together with the team at Flow Robotics, VWR represents and undertakes distribution of flowbot® ONE and enables Flow Robotics to be closer to the customers on a growing market.

2018: Flowbot® ONE installed at University College Copenhagen

November 2018

Robot technology will be part of the education for laboratory technicians at the University College Copenhagen – flowbot® ONE will from November 2018 be used for that purpose in exercises and projects.

2018: Delivery of flowbot® ONE to customers

October 2018

Flowbot® ONE was delivered to first movers customers in October 2018 – the robot was running the same day of the delivery!

2018: Collaboration with DANDIAG established

September 2018

From September 2018 DANDIAG will handle calibration and service of the pipette modules before delivery and periodically.

2018: Launch of flowbot® ONE

August 2018

In August 2018 flowbot® ONE was launched, from the beginning there was high interest in the robot and the possibilities with it.

Read more in these articles by the IT-University of Copenhagen and Dansk Kemi.

2017: Investment – Markedsmodningsfonden

October 2017

2017: Demo robot ready for pilot customers

April 2017

The demo version of the robot finalized and installed at pilot customers at a university and at a biotech company.

Read more in this article by Ingeniøren.

2016: Investment – Innovationsfonden

2015: Establishment of Flow Robotics

December 2015

Kasper Støy and Andres Faina founded and started the company as a spin out from the IT University, Copenhagen, Link.


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