Our mission

Flow Robotics creates flexible, user-friendly liquid handling robots for lab automation. Our mission is to replace repetitive, time-consuming and burdensome manual pipetting tasks, yielding consistent results and freeing up time to work on interesting scientific problems.

As the robots are controlled using an Internet browser, no installation is required. And better yet, no programming is required.

Ease of use is the lifeblood of Flow Robotics. Using patented technology, live video from the robot is combined with the graphical user interface to make specification of protocols intuitive. With augmented reality, what you see is really what you get!

Our history

New CEO at Flow Robotics

1st January 2020

Annika Isaksson joined Flow Robotics as CEO with the ambitions to expand market activities and distribution of flowbot ONE.

First international sale of flowbot ONE

3rd December 2019

Delivery and installation of the first flowbot ONE abroad. Immediately after, the cobot has been in use on a daily basis ever since.

2019: Collaboration with VWR

1st September 2019

Flow Robotics collaborates with VWR as a co-distributor of flowbot ONE. Together with the team at Flow Robotics, VWR represents and undertakes distribution of flowbot ONE and enables Flow Robotics to be closer to the customers on a growing market.

2018: Flowbot ONE installed at University College Copenhagen

1st November 2018

Robot technology will be part of the education for laboratory technicians at the University College Copenhagen – flowbot ONE will from November 2018 be used for that purpose in exercises and projects.

2018: Delivery of flowbot ONE to customers

1st October 2018

Flowbot ONE was delivered to first movers customers in October 2018 – the robot was running the same day of the delivery!

2018: Collaboration with DANDIAG established

1st September 2018

From September 2018 DANDIAG will handle calibration and service of the pipette modules before delivery and periodically.

2018: Launch of flowbot ONE

1st August 2018

In August 2018 flowbot ONE was launched, from the beginning there was high interest in the robot and the possibilities with it.

Read more in these articles by the IT-University of Copenhagen and Dansk Kemi.

2017: Investment – Markedsmodningsfonden

31st October 2017

2017: Demo robot ready for pilot customers

1st August 2017

The demo version of the robot finalized and installed at pilot customers at a university and at a biotech company.

Read more in this article by Ingeniøren.

2016: Investment – Innovationsfonden

1st August 2016

2015: Establishment of Flow Robotics

1st August 2015

Kasper Støy and Andres Faina founded and started the company as a spin out from the IT University, Copenhagen, Link.