River Stone Biotech uses flowbot ONE everyday


“At River Stone Biotech flowbot ONE has helped us to automate a lot of pipetting tasks, which previously were done by hand; reformatting, cherry picking, sample preparation, assay setup etc.” tells Joan Thuun Hansen who is a senior laboratory technician at River Stone Biotech Aps in Copenhagen.

Joan Thuun Hansen and her team was looking for a flexible as well as time saving solution to their liquid handling and they hoped to find a system that would allow them to start automating immediately.

“Several parametres motivated us to look for a flexible, time saving and easily implemented solution to liquid handling in our lab, that can be operated by all researchers in the lab and not only specially trained staff. What we needed was not only an easy way to go from manual to automated pipetting, but also a solution that was precise, accurate and could provide us with consistent results.”

With the decicion to use flowbot ONE for liquid handling in their lab River Stone Biotech has experienced significant improvements of both reproducibility capacity, time savings and better work environment. Joan Thuun Hansen describes the outcomes:

“Flowbot ONE has freed up time for us to do other tasks, which has been highly important. We have now phased out some really tedious manual work, while improving the health of our staff, which was a great concern for us. Handling 384 well plates with flowbot ONE is just so much easier and pipetting mistakes are even eliminated. We are really happy with this.”

Flowbot ONE automates the pipetting

The user-friendly software of flowbot ONE ensured that the lab team at River Stone quickly started using the robot.

“Flowbot ONE is very intuitive to use. The training of me and my colleagues on the machine went smoothly and setting up programs has been easy to do ourselves right from the beginning. We use the robot practically every day.”

– Joan Thuun Hansen, Senior Laboratory Technician at River Stone Biotech ApS

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