Get full traceability of your processed samples on flowbot® ONE

Experience the ultimate scanning solution.

Meet ScanID – the ultraefficient scanning device for labs handling barcoded sample tubes.

ScanID’s patent-pending technology offers both 1D and 2D scanning on one device and can scan an entire rack of sample tubes in seconds.

After scanning, the racks can be placed in the flowbot® ONE, which now holds all the sample IDs, for further processing.

This solution will eliminate any critical sample misplacement errors once and for all and ensure full traceability and documentation with minimum effort.

ScanID can scan a wide range of test tubes sizes, ranging from Ø:9mm to Ø:16mm, and fits most SLAS formats.

Facts about lab errors


70% of lab errors occur in the pre-analytical phase.
The average cost for pre-analytical errors per laboratory in the United States is $180,000 annually.
24-30% of laboratory errors influence patient care.
Potential patient harm occurs in 3-12% of these cases.
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ScanID LIVE...

Eliminate any critical sample misplacement errors once and for all.
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1d and 2d scanner device


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Close customer collaborations are essential for creating great new products and an integrated part of our DNA.

We have developed ScanID in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Herlev Hospital and Cambridge University to ensure that it meets the right needs in the labs.

There is always a risk of sample switching and misplacement errors during a manual pre-analytical process, and we can see ScanID helping us eliminate that risk.

We believe that our sample tubes are in good hands with ScanID which also acts as an error-control by warning us if two barcodes are similar.

Thomas Sundelin, Microbiologist, The Department of Clinical Microbiology, Herlev Hospital


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Want something simple?


If you only have a few samples a handheld barcode scanner might fit your needs better. When using the barcode function with your flowbot® ONE you can ensure full traceability of your processed samples.

You can get the output in CSV files for downstream processing.

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Frequently asked questions

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Compatible codes are Code39, Code93, Code128, EAN- 5, 8, 13, I25, UPC-A.

Scanning using the LineRack for 1D barcode labelled tubes takes place in less than 5 seconds and less than 10 seconds for bottom labelled data matrix tubes.

We have developed the ScanID to read racks from AltemisLab and Micronic and will optimize for more racks with time.

Yes, all 1D barcoded related data (LineRack ID and Sample IDs) are stored on ScanID. Data from data matrix labelled tubes is stored on flowbot® ONE directly.

Yes, 1D barcode related data can be deleted by removing the power from ScanID.

The LineRack and SLAS Adapter are both dishwasher and UV safe. The Tube Deck is UV resistant, and we recommend cleaning with ethanol or 5% hypochlorite wipes.

Connection is made via ethernet cable (supplied) and ethernet to USB adapter (supplied) connected to the device or service port on flowbot® ONE.

ScanID is validated to be connected and run on up to 2 flowbot® ONE systems.

We recommend the maximum to be 9 using 3 tube decks. This occupies 9 deck positions leaving 3 deck positions for pipette tips and other items.

Yes, we offer both a small and a large bundle together with spare parts if needed.

ScanID can also be connected to the service USB behind the front door.

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