Automatic Magnet Unit

Specially optimized for flowbot ONE

Unparalleled magnetic separation

This Automatic Magnet Unit is designed to clean up samples in your NGS library prep. and nucleic acid purification on the flowbot® ONE – now more efficiently than ever.

✔ Higher Performance
The magnets are located with optimal contact with the component’s tubes and wells, enabling a 30 second magnetic separation that is uniform access across the plate.

✔ Simpler
Perfectly designed to fit into the deck grid for flowbot® ONE without an adapter.

✔ Verified for NGS
5 optional plate adapters available that are compatible with 96 well plates and Cryotubes. This makes it a great fit for Illumina and twist protocols as well as MIDI microplate protocols.

✔ Automation friendly
The plate is easily accessible for robotic arms and grippers. The unit is already integrated into flowbot ONE’s drag & drop software.

✔ More effective
Minimal magnetic bead interference when disengaged.

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