20-Minute Masterclass: Cherry Picking & Traceability

In this masterclass, we will look at how you can easily set up cherry picking in the flowbot® ONE’s user interface. We will also show you how to trace the moves by exporting CSV files for both the program and the sample IDs directly in our software.

Discover the simplicity of setting up a program with just a few clicks, the unique features of the flowbot® ONE, that makes it the wise choice, and some of the accessories and applications that are especially appropriate for cheery picking and traceability.

Who should attend:

Laboratory managers, -professionals and -staff in Life Science.

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Masterclass on PCR

Join Dan for this 20 min masterclass on PCR and how to set it up in the flowbot.

In this 20-minute online masterclass we will provide you with a complete overview of how you can easily automate pipetting in your PCR workflow.

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A tour of flowbot® ONE

In this webinar Anna Vejlin give you a demo of the software and the robot including a Q&A session where we address some interesting topics.

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