Normalization & Dilution

Normalize and dilute your samples with minimum effort.

By normalizing or diluting samples, you can ensure that each reaction starts with a known and consistent amount of template DNA or RNA.

Normalization to a specific concentration or dilution factor can standardize the input for all samples, making the results more meaningful and comparable.

The flowbot® ONE carries features specifically designed to optimize and simplify the methods,

We have been able to scale up from a couple of hundred tests analyzed to more than 1000 per day.

We have also adjusted the robot to fit with our choice of tubes and volume quite easily, so we were able to switch smoothly from manual pipetting to the flowbot® ONE fast.

Maiken W. Rosenstierne, Head of Assay Development, QLife

Unique software feature to optimize the methods

Pre-programmed templates

The flowbot® ONE has template programs for both normalization, dilution, and serial dilution. When setting up a protocol in any of these, all you have to do is add your steps, volumes, and concentrations in the template. The robot will then make the calculations, saving you time and ensuring that no human errors occur.

Re-using tips

As it is often all right to reuse tips during normalization and serial dilution, this feature is created to reduce the used amount of plastic and other resources when possible.

Prewetting and mixing.

This feature allows you to mix liquid in both the source and the target tubes. That remains an effective way of homogenizing the solutions both before and after dispensing them into the master mix. To ensure a very high level of accuracy, you can even mix the reagents in multiple heights.


Flowbot® ONE is surprisingly easy to use.  The software is very simple, and our lab technicians have had no problems with it at all.

The plug & play solution is really ideal if you run more than one program on the same instrument

Nicolas Van Haecke, Sample manager, DoCoLab

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