Cell Culture

Scale up your cell culture operations and get a highly accurate and effortless workflow.

Cell culture on flowbot ONE

flowbot ONE’s many advanced software features makes it a perfect match for cell culture. Get high accuracy and reproducible results in steps such as:

  1. Dispensing cell culture media
  2. Adding various reagents to cell cultures necessary for specific experiments or treatments.
  3. Dispensing a precise volume of cell suspension into cell culture vessels.
  4. Aspirating media from cell cultures and replacing it with fresh media, maintaining optimal conditions for cell growth.
  5. Diluting cells to the desired concentration, and seeding them into new culture vessels.
  6. Processing cell culture samples for downstream analysis, such as DNA or RNA extraction, protein purification, or performing various biochemical assays.
  7. Transferring cell cultures or reagents between plates for high-throughput screening, assay development, or other applications requiring multiple replicates or treatments.

When I did it manually, I had to find creative ways of designing the protocol to remember where things were located. But with the flowbot I don’t need to think about it at all.


Using flowbot® ONE has allowed the entire lab to scale up because we can do other things simultaneously and don’t need to repeat experiments due to potential mistakes.

Nittay Meroz, PhD student, Hebrew University

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