Next Generation Sequencing

NGS library prep. is made simple with flowbot ONE’s unmatched user-friendly software and unique software features.

Why automate NGS with flowbot ONE

Depending on the protocol, library prep. can amount to over 300 pipetting tasks per 96 well plate when using an 8-channel pipette. That's around 2500 when using a single-channel pipette.
flowbot ONE makes the NGS assays flexible and user-friendly with the market's most intuitive software, enabling you to change your protocols in minutes and without any scripting or coding.
flowbot ONE has unique software features that ensures a low dead-volume so you can get the most out of your expensive reagents.

Are you ready to automate your library prep.?

We’ve made automation easy with an NGS consultancy package.

The package includes all the help and hardware you need to get started including a customized application template that fits your specific protocol.

This will empower you to automate your NGS library preparation, including master mix dispensing, normalization, and magnetic bead purification with minimum effort.

I can run 8 plates per day now and have managed to double my throughput, mainly due to increased walk-away time. I can focus on other things such as research or analysis while flowbot® ONE does the pipetting. Or I can use the time to prepare for the next run so I can do the clean-ups in close succession.

Rasmus Riemer Jakobsen, PhD student, Copenhagen University of Food Science

What makes flowbot ONE so great for this job is its very high precision and accuracy as well as how user-friendly it is.

We spend only one day learning how to use it and creating our own protocols.

Marta Gozdek, Lab Manager


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