– one platform for all your labware

Flowbot ONE offers the accuracy of 1 μL pipetting and with an unprecedented large flexibility for users to define their own labware (tips, vials, tubes), the various PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR setups are easily handled by flowbot ONE.

PCR is a very powerful technique that allows the quantification of the amount of DNA or RNA in a given sample. For this reason, reliable liquid handling is of utmost importance to create credible and reproducible results every time. With flowbot ONE you can automate tedious handheld pipetting routines, remove the factor of human error while hands are freed up for doing more valuable lab work.

Pipette rack for an automated pcr setup


Automating your PCR setup on flowbot ONE has several benefits:

  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • Fewer human mistakes
  • Higher reproducibility
  • Less hands-on time
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal physical stress by repetitive work routines 
  • Prepare for the PCR devices you already have



With your defined labware on the deck of flowbot ONE, you are already half way there  by virtue of the onboard cameras. Next, the user interface allows a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop function to set up the PCR reactions from scratch or from a master mix. The user defines pipetting volumes, pipetting orders, and various mixing needs. The choice of a single channel pipette adds the ability to do “cherry picking” whereas an 8 channel pipette generates a system with higher throughput and shorter turn-around cycles. Flowbot ONE can be equipped to your need.



  • Heater
  • Cooler
  • Shaker
  • Magnetic bead
  • Adapters for you labware

Let us help you find the right application setup for your workflow in the lab. Book a free demo. 

Pipetting robot for PCR preparations

At AniCon Labor GmbH they use flowbot ONE for PCR preparations 

More applications for flowbot ONE

Performing an automated cherry picking

Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring

You may often be challenged by having your samples or material in one format, in one orientation or in a container, which isn’t optimal for the down stream processes but to make the transfers into a new format, a new orientation or a different container is just a tedious and time consuming manual job.

csv based results of automated pipetting

CSV-file based setups

Sometimes it makes sense to build your assays in a spread sheet file, which can be manipulated using the standard operations, which you are familiar with. To support this type of modus operandi, all flowbot ONE steps in any given process can be programmed from a simple CSV format.