PCR and qPCR

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A PCR Workflow on flowbot® ONE

flowbot ONE remains a preferred choice for PCR prep. Here’s why:

Reagent dispensing

The high accuracy of flowbot® ONE ensures consistent and precise volumes across multiple samples, giving correct results and highly reproducible experiments with minimum effort. To keep temperature sensitive reagents safe and cool, flowbot ONE also has an integrated coldplate.

Master mix preparation

Dispensing the master mixes evenly across a PCR 96/384 well plate is optimized with the flowbot® ONE feature ‘contact aspiration’.



Serial dilutions & Normalization

To optimize these processes, the flowbot® ONE carries a pre-programmed template and features like reusing tips, prewetting and mixing to improve the concentration accuracy and template programs.

Sample preparation

Sample preparation on flowbot® ONE is made as secure and accurate as possible with features like automatic liquid level detection, prewetting & mixing and bottom touch.

In the testing facility the robots are used in two main steps: First, the robots help pool patient samples to save time in the downstream analysis as well as reducing the amount of reagents and plastic materials consumed.

In the second step we use flowbots for transferring eluates from patient samples into the PCR plate where it is mixed with enzymatic reagents before the analysis get done on the PCR machine.

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Benefits of automating your PCR setup with flowbot® ONE

Higher reproducibility
Fewer human mistakes and thereby less re-do of samples
Less hand-on time - free up time for other tasks
Avoid strain-related injuries from manual pipetting
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