Reformatting, Cherry Picking, Aliquoting

Let flowbot® ONE carry the heavy lifting.

4 easy steps

Simple volume transfers like reformatting, cherry picking, and aliquoting are made super easy on flowbot ONE – always with a traceable overview of the processed samples.

This is relevant in many different applications.

Whether you are working in sample management and need to aliquote into hundreds of tubes or wells, or you need to cherry pick from several plates, the routine is the same:

  1. Place the components in any of the 12 deck positions
  2. Choose your pipette module and volume
  3. Use simple drag-and-drop functions to define the liquid transfers (or load from a CSV file)
  4. Press start

Adaptable for Liquid Classes & Components

You can easily adjust the flowbot ONE’s capabilities to fit your volume transfer workflow.

Adjusting critical liquid class parameters and pipetting methods is easily done in flowbot ONE’s Liquid Class Editor, available in its browser-based software. This ensures high accuracy and precision of different solutions and concentrations.

Meanwhile, the flowbot ONE’s Component Editor allows you to use your preferred labware and easily define it in the software. We also offer customized labware if you have a special setup.





What are the benefits of automating liquid handling?

With flowbot® ONE you can automate your liquid transfers to and from any plate, vial, tube or reservoir compatible with the SBS format. This enables you to:

  • Avoid tedious and boring manual pipetting routines
  • Free-up time
  • Reduce human errors
  • Improve reproducibility
  • Introduce better traceability for all sample handlings
  • Increase productivity

Would you like to see flowbot® ONE in action?

Get a free demo. You can use the pipette tips of your choice on flowbot® ONE.