The team

Meet the highly dedicated team of Flow Robotics. From our head-quarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, we strive to deliver the liquid handling robots of tomorrow.

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The Team

Annika Isaksson
Chief Executive Officer

Every day brings something new when working with our dedicated team, customers and partners. That is pure inspiration!

Kjetil Kræmer
Chief Technology Officer

At Flow Robotics I will do my best to ensure continued innovation together with a great team.

Michael Davidsen
Chief Commercial Officer

I love coming to work every day at Flow Robotics, together we are growing a business that makes a real difference, while trying to create the workplace of our dreams.

Erling Jørgensen
Chief Financial Officer

Flow Robotics is like joining a family – a lot is going on, but everybody is positive and appreciated for the work they are doing.

Anders Nielsen
Chief Operational Officer

At Flow Robotics there is a unique entrepreneurial culture, and I am looking forward to being part of the team and shaping the organization for future growth.

Jørn Lambertsen
Technology Officer


Mathias Justesen
Lead Software Developer

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Jeppe Rask
Software Developer

I write badass code, for a badass robot.

Patrick Rasmussen
Electronics Engineer

Working in a growing company such as Flow robotics is great fun!
For me, the exiting projects, open-mindedness towards ideas, team spirit  and great colleagues are the main reasons why I, enjoy working at Flow robotics.

Regina Blin
Production team

To me it´s important to focus on the small details needed to ensure a high-quality product, while still keeping the big picture in mind.

Anna Vejlin
Customer Relations Lead

M.Sc. Microbiology

Luke Walker
Electronics Design Engineer

Developing technology at Flow Robotics is exciting and rewarding. We strive to make a lab automation as intuitive as possible.

Mette Hansson
Head of Marketing

Flow Robotics is a great company! The people here are innovative, fun and very customer focused – I really like that!

Ahmed Ali Abdul-Ghani
Production team

At Flow Robotics we truly work as a team, helping each other out every day. When we ship the robots we know they will make a difference in the labs and helping fighting the Pandemic – that’s a really good feeling.

Per-Arne Jönsson
Senior Mechanical Engineer

B.Sc. Integrated Product Development

Maciej Barczynski
Mechanical Design Assistant

Stud. Production Technology – Product Development

Thomas Wolfe
Service Engineer

Flow Robotics is on a great journey – I really wanted to be part of it helping our customers.

Mathias Jakobsen
Robot test team

I really like how we help each other at Flow Robotics – people are always putting in an extra effort

Martin Winther Jørgensen
Assembly team

Flow Robotics is a good workplace – It is exciting to be part of something with a purpose – our robots really make a difference.

Jørgen Weise Pedersen
Assembly team

What I like about working at Flow Robotics is all my nice colleagues and how we help each other – I really like it is a young environment.

Amalie Katrine Rendboe
Application Specialist

I love being a part of the innovative environment of Flow Robotics. Joining a dedicated team that creates great robotics that supports scientists in their daily work is very inspiring.

Martin Pauk
Mechanical Engineer

What I like about Flow Robotics is that it is a young team that think outside the box – this fit well with how I like to work”

Daniel Lord
Sales and Service Manager, UK/Ireland

At Flow Robotics you meet a small but fast-growing group of dedicated and talented individuals who all share the same values and vision to revolutionize the hard work of modern scientists.

Ritvars Vaza
Field Service Technician

One thing I would like to highlight about Flow Robotics is the positive attitude I meet in the team.

Mette Strægaard Emig
Content Specialist

I joined Flow Robotics to be on the frontline of the technological development within lab automation. I’m excited to be a part of a scale-up company and their journey of expansion.

Charlie Runciman
Student Assistant

Flow Robotics is a growing and exciting company, I’m really excited to see how much I can learn from everybody here whilst helping to make an impact myself

Britta Engelbrecht
Sales Manager, DACH

I bring the benefits of easy liquid handling automation to the customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mikkel Brenøe
Product Developer

It’s exciting to think that the future is automation and Flow Robotics is at the forefront of development.

Monika Petkovic
Head of Inside Sales

Being part of Flow Robotics to me means being able to express myself through work and live up to my full potential.

Andrés Faíña
Co-founder of Flow Robotics

Ph.d Industrial Engineering

Board of directors

Adam Hillestrøm
Chairman of the Board

CEO at ITU Business Development A/S
Former experience as entrepreneur and business developer

Kasper Støy
Board Member and Head of Scientific Advisory Board

Professor in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Co-founder of Universal Robots A/S
Co-founder of Flow Robotics

Lars Rønn
Board Member

Partner in VF venture
Former CEO in Bruel & Kjær, Sonion, Tpack and NKT Photonics
Several board positions: OnRobot, MapsPeople, Effimat, Tentoma, KUBO

Finn Støy
Board Member

Business Developer at ApS
Experienced board member and investor