Get accurate and efficient ELISA prep. with the market’s most user-friendly and flexible liquid handler.

Why automate ELISA with flowbot ONE?

High accuracy & reproducibility
With many unique software features, flowbot ONE ensures a smooth workflow with high accuracy, giving you reliable and reproducible results. The software includes dilution templates, making programming effortless.
No contamination
flowbot ONE has both UV light and a HEPA filter as optional add-ons. This ensures an optimal environment for processing sensitive samples without risking contamination.
reliable liquid handler
Increased throughput
Automating with flowbot ONE will increase your efficiency while giving your lab technicians less hands-on time, enabling to use their time on more valuable work. This will all contribute to a higher throughput.
userfriendly liquid handline robot
No human errors
flowbot ONE is a reliable solution that reduces the errors caused by manual pipetting, such as sample switching. It also pairs perfectly with our scanID sample tracking solution that ensures great traceability.

Hands-on time have been reduced from 2:15 hours to 20 min when running up to 8 biomarkers simultaneously.

It also allowed us to increase the throughput from 4-5 ELISA plates to 6-8 plates per technician and reduce pipetting injuries.

Kishwar Musa – Director of the Clinical Lab, Nordic Bioscience

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