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Higher precision and accuracy

Automate your workflows in minutes

Free up time to do great science

Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot  

Learn to use it in one hour

Automating pipetting should not be a complicated situation. And with flowbot ONE it definitely isn’t! With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

Everything you can pipette manually, you can automate with flowbot ONE and with this cobot you get a high degree of flexibility.

Flowbot ONE quickly adapts to new procedures in your lab – whenever a procedure changes you can easily set up flowbot ONE for use enabling immediate automation. No need for programming or a long implementation period – we have developed flowbot ONE to be incredibly user-friendly. You can start automating on the day of delivery.   

Latest news

How picky is your liquid handler?

Many liquid handlers use their own tips only. Flowbot ONE is different.

Football players being tested for COVID-19. flowbot ONE is part of the test testup

SUPERLIGA. flowbot ONE preparing samples from players at The Danish Football League. The flowbot ONE is part of the new weekly COVID-19 test procedure for the #danishfootballleague.

Herlev Hospital using flowbot ONE for COVID-19 sample preparation

Martin Friis, Molecular Biologist at Herlev Hospital in Denmark: “We are already working in a safe way, but flowbot ONE takes us to the next level as we can avoid contact with the samples during the pipetting.”

Flow Robotics mentioned on Techtopia show on Radio 4

DANMARK ER ET ROBOTLANDTECHTOPIA - 26.04.20 Ny bog om Robotlandet Danmark giver opskriften på et nyt industrieventyr. Lige nu har de godt 300...

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user story: UNILABS

“Our productivity has increased by 40% after automating our pipetting with flowbot ONE”

At Unilabs 5 flowbot ONEs are running simultaneously next to each other. As one of the biggest suppliers of diagnostic analysis in Europe, Unilabs is also the only company offering both laboratory, image diagnostics and pathology.



flowbot ONE can be used for several applications. More applications here.

CSV-file based setups

Set up a programmes by simply importing your CSV-files


You can easily run PCR samples by a simple protocol setup 

Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring

Customize everything in a few steps 

Why automate your pipetting with flowbot ONE?

We have carefully designed flowbot ONE to be a user-friendly liquid handling cobot. We call it a cobot because it collaborates with you in the lab; assisting you in your workflows and adapting to your lab. There is no need for programming or extensive training, nor a long implementation period. With flowbot ONE you can skip those steps and start automating immediately – freeing up time to achieve your goals and do great science!

Book a meeting with us and we can talk more about the opportunities of immediate and reliable automation.  



2 pipette modules


Pipette channels: 1, 4 or 8 channel

Volumes: 1-20μL, 2-200μL, or 10-1000μL

precision is key

A reliable tool

Flowbot ONE is a helping hand in the lab. With a highly precise system you are ensured accurate and consistent pipetting and results.  

Frequently asked questions

How many pipette modules does flowbot ONE have?

2 pipette modules. Each module can be a 1-channel, 4-channel or 8-channel pipette.

Can the pipette modules be exchanged?

Yes you can buy more than 2 pipette modules and then exchange these in the robot.

Can programs be reused?

Yes, as soon as a program is saved, it can be reused and edited. It can be shared, so all users of the robot can execute the program.

Can a locked program be copied for a second version of the program?

Yes, multiple versions of the same program can be created.

Can I use a shaker, heater or any other device with flowbot ONE?

The flowbot one integrates with a number of devices. Contact us and we will help accomodate the right integration in flowbot ONE for you.


A guide to your pipetting cobot

“Flowbot ONE is helping SNIPR Biome to automate procedures in our BLS2 laboratory. For example, by normalising bacterial concentrations for further assays. This has not only saved us time but it has also made an impact on our scientists’ safety as we can minimize manual handling of pathogenic strains. The user-friendly design of Flowbot ONE has made it easy for us to adapt the robot to our existing procedures in the lab and so automation has been an uncomplicated and simple process for us.”

Ana de Santiago Torio

Laboratory manager & scientist, SNIPR Biome

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