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Liquid handling made easy

Now with UV Light – check it out!


Why automate your pipetting with flowbot® ONE?

Higher precision and accuracy
Automate your workflows in minutes
Free up time to do great science
Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot

flowbot® ONE allows you additional time for other procedures. We can do better experiments and use the time we save on analyzing previous experiments.

Robert Ertsey - Sr. Manager of Lab Operations, Ensigna Biosystems Inc.

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About Flow Robotics

Our vision
Ease of use is the lifeblood of Flow Robotics. By revolutionizing the hard every day work in modern labs we aim to become a preferred brand. From behind the scenes, we make an impact on health and life. Our work matters.
Our mission
We are curious by nature, and we don’t settle. We make automation technology accessible for all by breaking down the technology barriers – always seeking solutions to improve workflows.

Our values

We collaborate
We believe in evolving together – listening to each other and working as one team with our customers and partners. Together we find better solutions.
We simplify
We are pragmatic, always seeking to simplify robotics technology for intuitive use. It is straight forward to talk to us.
We are dedicated
We are passionate about what we do and why we do it. Our commitment goes beyond the obvious – we push boundaries.
We respect each other
Our relationships build on trust and respect. We listen to expectations and we never leave anybody behind.

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