The ultimate scanning solution available as stand-alone device


scanID becomes stand-alone device

Last year we introduced a new addition to our family: scanID.

Flow Robotics’ scanID is a game-changing scanning device, originally used only with our liquid handler, flowbot® ONE.

We are happy to announce that scanID is now available as a stand-alone device.

ScanID’s patent-pending technology offers both 1D and 2D scanning. It can scan an entire rack of 1D barcoded tubes and SLAS racks with 24, 48 or 96 tubes in seconds.


The stand-alone device comes with super simple browser-based software, and its Component Editor allows you to easily adjust it to your preferred brand of tubes.

After scanning the sample IDs are sent to its software to ensure full traceability of your samples. You can download the data directly in a JSON-file for a complete overview or further processing in your specific workflow. Any output file format is possible via free online conversion tools.

This solution is not only more efficient but will also help eliminate critical misplacement errors, giving your lab a safe and secure workflow.

“Sample switching can occur when scanning manually and one mistake can have serious consequences for the patients. Having a great data tracking solution is crucial. That’s why we’ve been so happy with scanID,” says Chief Physician Claus Juel Jensen who is using ScanID for scanning blood samples at Hillerød Hospital before prepping them for qPCR on flowbot ONE.

It will easily adapt to your workflow and can evolve alongside your lab by working both with and without automated liquid handling.

Making the device independent of flowbot ONE is aligned with our vision of creating automation solutions that are accessible to everyone – with scanID every lab can take their traceability to the next level.

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