Free up staff time

A major benefit of automation is that it frees up your staff to do other tasks in the lab.

It’s quite simple, really: The less time they spend on manual pipetting, the more they can contribute to other valuable tasks.

This is true for most automation solutions, but we dare say that flowbot® ONE makes it much easier.


Because its user-friendly and browser-based software is something that anyone can learn to use. It does not require a super-user or even basic programming skills.

As a result, every single person in the lab can operate the robot and subsequently use their full talents elsewhere.

This will also lead to increased throughput, higher job satisfaction, fewer pipetting injuries and, ultimately, directly to cost savings.

A main advantage for me is to spend more time on the evaluation and interpretation of the data. With flowbot ONE we get highly reproducible data with minimum effort

Marc Thomas, Research Associate at Numab Therapeutics

How much time you can save

Do you know how much time you actually spend on manual pipetting?

Use our calculator to find out how much you can save.

flowbot® ONE allows you additional time for other procedures. We can do better experiments and use the time we save on analyzing previous experiments.

Robert Ertsey, Sr. Manager of Lab Operations, Ensigna Biosystems

Would you like to see flowbot ONE in action

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