A proven, reliable solution

Providing high accuracy and improved data quality in applications such as PCR, qPCR, and NGS

Flowbot® ONE has proved its worth in labs around the world ever since Flow Robotics was founded in 2015, providing high accuracy and improved data quality in applications such as PCR, qPCR, and NGS.

Asking our customers, the flowbot ONE has been key to achieving a standardized workflow that ensures high reproducibility, fewer errors, and excellent accuracy.

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It is not just easier and faster for us. It is also better for the project and guarantees less contamination and better reproducibility, which we really appreciate as scientists

Rasmus Riemer Jakobsen, PhD student, Copenhagen University of Food Science

Eliminate Sample Switching

A reliable workflow doesn’t start and end at liquid transfers. Another major aspect is having a great traceability process.

To help you get full traceability with minimum effort, we have developed the scanning device, scanID, which can scan an entire rack of 1D and 2D barcoded sample tubes in seconds. The scanID is available both with flowbot ONE and as a stand-alone device.

I’d be worried about mistakes if we didn’t have scanID and we’d have to double check everything to ensure that no errors had occurred. ScanID gives us a much smoother workflow and relieves us from having to perform error control on everything which is bothersome and takes time.

Claus Juel Jensen, Chief Physician, Hillerød Hospital

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