Change setup when needs change

flowbot® ONE ensures that your lab stays agile and stands the test of time.

Due to flowbot ONE’s highly flexible software, you can easily switch between protocols and, by doing so, use a single robot for several purposes. This gives you a lot of freedom and low ongoing costs as the robot is fully adjustable for the user.

It also makes it a low-risk investment compared to the larger systems that are preprogramed for one specific protocol. With the flowbot ONE, you can change setup when your lab changes and make the investment long-lasting.

For example, our customer, Certe, uses one flowbot ONE to handle 3 different viruses.


It took no more than a few hours to change the middleware from the LDT SARS-CoV-2 PCR assay to the commercial assay that can detect Influenza A/B, SARS-CoV-2, and RS-virus.

PhD Richard de Boer, molecular biologist at Certe

Automate & Integrate

To cover the basics, we’ve already integrated several devices into the software such as a bioshaker, a bioshaker with temperature control, a magnetic deck, and a coldplate.

While flowbot® ONE is great as a stand-alone unit, we’ve also ensured that it can easily become part of an integration.

Due to its very simple API, it is for example a perfect fit for a robot arm.

By having a robot arm move your plates on and off the liquid handler, you’ll gain even more walk-away time and increase lab productivity.

Through current collaborations with Automata and Peak Analysis and Automation we can offer fully automated solutions.

The flowbot® ONE was definitely the easiest instrument to integrate because of its very simple API.

Rikard Nyström, MSc lecturer, Uppsala University

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