Keep costs down

Keep ongoing costs down to a minimum and get a high return of investment.

The flowbot® ONE is an affordable solution designed to keep ongoing costs down to a minimum and deliver a higher return of investment.

That’s because it not only has a lower upfront cost but also is a more cost-effective solution in terms of maintenance, consumables, and operational expenses.

For instance, the costs of service, application support, changes to protocols and on-site support are lower as it is flexible and easy to adjust.


The easy-to-use software also allows you to switch easily between protocols, thereby ensuring that it is a long-term investment.

Furthermore, its compact design allows for efficient use of limited lab space, enabling businesses to potentially expand their research capabilities within existing facilities.

Meanwhile, flowbot® ONE empowers your lab to deliver faster results with fewer resources.

Every human mistake generates high costs in terms of lost samples and arrays. With flowbot ONE we can keep our timelines and the clients can rely on our service

Marta Gozdek, Lab Manager

Hidden costs of not automating

That automation is linked to significant cost savings and high return on
investment is both widely proven and acknowledged.

Whatever application you are working with, there are many hidden costs which make
automated liquid handling a cheaper solution in the long run, incl:

  • Hands-on time & low throughput.
  • Strain Injuries & Stress.
  • Getting less out of Kits and Reagents.
  • Low Accuracy & Bad Reproducibility.
  • More Human Errors.

Hands-on time have been reduced from 2:15 hours to 20 min when running up to 8 biomarkers.

Kishwar Musa, Nordic Bioscience

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