Simplifying Automated PCR


Experiment: PCR prep on flowbot ONE

A recent experiment demonstrates how the flowbot ONE liquid handler was used for automated PCR prep prior to amplification in a thermal cycler.

In the experiment, Genomic E. coli DNA was diluted to 8 different concentrations.

A program was created in the flowbot ONE software to produce a master mix and dispense it into a 96 well PCR plate. The same setup was performed manually to compare the time spent.

The success of the automated PCR set-up was then verified by running the samples in triplicate on a 1.5 % agarose gel containing SYBR Safe alongside a ladder for fragment size determination of the amplified product.

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The secret is in the software

With many different liquid handlers on the market, one of the key elements that separate them is the software.

And in a world where labs of all sizes are beginning to automate, software that everyone can use has never been more important.

The flowbot ONE boasts not only intuitive software, but also a wide range of unique features specifically designed to optimize each step of your automated PCR protocol.

The guided user interface allows you to choose your favorite features with a single click as you set up your program.

From ensuring a low dead-volume to having error control and minimizing manual programming, the flowbot ONE will make automation both easier, safer, and more effective.

Read full article to discover how flowbot ONE software features figure into your PCR workflow.

Aside from gaining higher throughput, it minimized cross-contamination which is vital when handling patient samples that may contain high viral loads.

PhD Richard de Boer, molecular biologist at Certe

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