NEW: Automatic Magnet Unit optimized for flowbot ONE


High-quality magnet unit to optimize your workflow

Integrating a magnetic deck into a liquid handler allows you to achieve unparalleled efficiency and accuracy and put away your hand-held pipette for good.

The Automatic Magnet Unit (AMU) is designed to clean up samples in your NGS library prep. and nucleic acid purification on flowbot ONE – now more efficiently than ever.


The AMU has been developed to fit perfectly in the market’s most user-friendly liquid handler: flowbot® ONE.

It is integrated in flowbot ONE’s software from birth, meaning that you neither have to operate it manually nor program it in the software.

Simply drag & drop it onto your preferred position on the deck and let the flowbot® ONE do the rest.

✔ Higher Performance

The magnets are located with optimal contact with the component’s tubes and wells, enabling a 30 second magnetic separation that is uniform access across the plate.

✔ Verified for NGS

The device has 5 optional plate adapters available that are compatible with 96 well plates and Cryotubes. This makes it a great fit for Illumina and twist protocols as well as MIDI microplate protocols.

✔ Automation friendly

The plate is easily accessible for robotic arms and grippers and requires no manual adjustments, giving you much less hands on time.

✔ Simpler

Perfectly designed to fit into the deck grid of flowbot® ONE without the need for an adapter.

✔ More effective

With a greater travel in the magnetic plate, a deep homing position can be achieved. This ensures minimal magnetic bead interference when disengaged.

Are you ready to automate your NGS workflow?

Then let us make it easy for you with an NGS consultancy package.

To  make it super simple to set up, we offer a package with all the help and hardware you need to get started including a customized application template that fits your specific protocol.

The package will empower you to easily automate your NGS library preparation, including master mix dispensing, normalization, magnetic bead purification etc.