Let flowbot ONE take over tedious and time consuming parts of your workflow and free up time to work on other tasks. flowbot ONE assures flexibility, consistency and accuracy of your experiments.


Live video stream

Camera below the working area streams live video directly to the user interface.

User Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly setup. No need for programming skills or super users.


Programs, components and liquid classes can be shared among users for re-use.


flowbot ONE has two pipette channels. Free choice of

  • 1-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel
  • 2-200µL and 10-1000µL


Force and pressure sensors used for detection of pipette tips and liquid level.


The robot has its own wireless network. The user Interface runs in all modern browsers, so no need for software installation.


flowbot ONE is equipped with safety door detection and emergency stop button.

Tip disposal

Tip disposal bin below the working area.

Pipette tips

No need for specialized tips. Most standard tips from labs can be used with flowbot ONE.


12 position deck. Standard SBS format components can be used at all positions. Non-standard components can be specified by the user in the component editor and immediately used.

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