5 Pitfalls to sidestep when choosing a liquid handler

Have you decided to automate part of your workflow? Great!
To help you on your way, we have addressed some of the pitfalls when choosing a liquid handler and how to sidestep them.

Pitfall 1:

Not being clear on what you need in a liquid handler

This might be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people go robot shopping without knowing what they need. And with so many different liquid handlers on the market that becomes a problem fast.

Our best advice is to map out your workflows and put together an overview of what you want to gain from lab automation.

Pitfall 2:

Not getting a demo of the liquid handler

Always make sure to get a demo of the liquid handler sooner rather than later. The demo will make it clear whether the software feels intuitive for you.

We very much recommend that you include the people who will use the robot in their daily work. It is important that they feel comfortable with the user-interface. See our EBook on how to involve your staff when automating your lab for inspiration.

Pitfall 3:

Not thinking about implementation complications

Implementing large automation instruments will no doubt mean huge changes for you, your staff, and the facility as a whole.

To avoid spending your energy on strategies and preparing your staff, both mentally and through extensive training, you can go for a smaller and more agile solution.

The flowbot® ONE has an intuitive user interface that everyone can learn to use in just one hour. It is developed for immediate adjustment, enabling labs to implement it smoothly into an existing workflow.

Pitfall 4:

Not taking hidden costs into consideration

There are several things that might affect the price of the liquid handler over time.

Don’t forget to consider:

  • The cost of consumables, components, and spare parts
  • The cost of service
  • The cost of software updates

Avoid this pitfall by choosing a robot vendor that is cost effective in the long run and offers extensive and affordable service.

Pitfall 5:

Not knowing the market or reading reviews

Do not buy the first robot you see. Choosing a liquid handler is like hiring a new employee – it is important to know all your options and choose the one you want to work with every day.

We recommend that you spend some time researching the market. List the robots you like, compare them, read reviews and participate in webinars, and then select the one that can get your job done.

Labcompare is one of many websites you can visit to get a better overview.

liquid handling robot at university of queensland

Our Solution

The mission is clear: To make automation technology accessible to labs of all shapes and sizes by breaking down the technology barriers – always seeking solutions to improve your liquid handling workflows.

The technology behind the liquid handler, flowbot® ONE, enables affordable lab automation of various pipetting tasks. It is a flexible turn-key automation solution with user-friendly browser-based software.

flowbot® ONE makes advanced programming, extensive training, and a long implementation period obsolete. In fact, it is created so anyone can learn to use it within an hour and can be easily repurposed, thus futureproofing your lab.

With flowbot® ONE you are always just a few clicks away from an automated protocol.


What to consider before buying a liquid handling robot

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