What does a liquid handling robot cost?


Are you interested in automation and asking yourself: what does a liquid handling robot cost?

There is no simple answer to this question – in fact, it completely depends on which solution your lab require.

What a liquid handling robot costs

There are many different automation solutions on the market with prices ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

Naturally these systems are very different and fulfill very different needs. Therefore, you need to find out which solutions is most suitable for your lab before you can get close to the relevant price.

Obviously, different features have different values to different people. When choosing an automation solution, you need to know which of its features have high value to you. If you invest in a cheap system, which can’t do what you need, you end up losing money. Likewise, if you purchase an expensive system that can do more than you need, you have invested too much.

Your way forward is to map out your workflow, do market research, reach out to a selection of robot vendors to find the best fit, and get a quote.

Watch out for hidden costs

There are several things that might affect the price over time. Before making an informed decision, you should consider the following:

  • The side costs of actually using the robot.
    Some liquid handling systems work only with components and consumables of the same producer while others are compatible with other brands.
    You’ve probably already guessed it; the former will likely become more expensive in the long run, and you might save money with an instrument that can run with e.g., standard tips and racks.
  • The cost of service. There is a huge difference in service pricing and some vendors have no service at all which could become a big problem later. Therefore, do a little research and find out who offers the best and most affordable service. Ideally, a vendor should offer different service packages to fit your needs.
  • Software updates.A trustworthy robotics vendor will offer free software updates as part of the service package.
  • Spare parts.It can be worth paying for quality. A high-quality robot will stand the test of time and make sure you don’t have to buy expensive new modules etc. later on.

In addition, you will get a better cost-effect if the robot you choose can accompany you into future lab setups. In other words, a scalable and easily adjustable solution that makes it easy to switch between applications will save you money in the long run.

Checklist to avoid the “hidden cost trap”

As we have seen, the question you should answer might not be “what does a liquid handling robot cost?” but rather “what is the right price for me?”

Here’s a checklist that can help you make an informed decision:

  • Map out your workflow
  • Identify the features you need
  • Check vendors policy on:
    • Consumables
    • Service
    • Spare parts
    • Software updates
  • Check if it’s easy to switch between applications
  • Read reviews and comparisons

Now that you are here…

Now that you are here, we would like to introduce you to our solution.

The flowbot® ONE is an affordable solution that lies right at the intersection between user-friendliness, scalability, and high quality. It can be easily adjusted to the user and whenever a procedure changes in your lab there is no need for complicated programming.

The robot is a plug n’ play solution that can easily integrate with various devices such as temperature controllers, shakers, and magnetic decks on any of the 12 available positions on the deck. Its intuitive software that can be used in any browser and connects directly to the robot’s Wi-Fi.

The flowbot® ONE is ideal for labs that are taking their first steps towards automation and who might not have a programmer or super-user. It fits neatly into labs of all shapes and sizes and is compatible with standard tips and racks. We can also customize components.

If you want to know more, our specialists are standing by to answer your questions or give you a free demo.

How much do a flowbot® ONE cost?

Liquid handling robot with UV light

Get a quote

Flowbot® ONE is an affordable liquid handling robot, however the price depends on what you have a need for – drop a few lines below and we’ll put together a price quote for you.