Are used liquid handlers a good investment?

As the market for used lab automation expands, you might be wondering: are used liquid handlers a good investment?
Buying used liquid handlers might seem like a budget-friendly solution. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find there’s much more to it than saving money upfront. Let’s get more clarity over the nuances of investing in automation solutions, and getting the smooth workflow that Flow Robotics is famous for.

3 things you’ll miss out on when purchasing used liquid handlers.

When you buy from a manufacturer, like us, you get much more than just the instrument.

Don’t miss out on:

New licenses and software releases

Some companies, including us, will release new software updates, features, licenses, and bugfixes on a regular basis. This will ensure that the robot is constantly improved and will never become irrelevant. You will miss out on all of this if you purchase used liquid handlers.

A manufacturer relationship

Having a good relationship with a manufacturer is essential for ensuring that you are getting the right support.

A reliable company will be ready to help if you should need anything, ensuring that your automation solution runs at its highest capacity every single day.

Detailed knowledge about the liquid handler

You cannot be sure to get correct background information about a used instrument. Be careful with investing in anything if you cannot answer these basic questions with absolute certainty:

  • What is its remaining life cycle?
  • How well has it been handled and maintained?
  • Who has used it and for what?

3 hidden costs of used liquid handlers.

Yes, used liquid handlers might be cheaper upfront. But what about in the long run?

Here are some of the hidden costs that will affect the price of the instruments over time:

Application support

You might need application support when setting up your protocols. This too will become an ongoing cost. With or without your own application specialists, you can never predict what product-specific expertise you’ll need down the road.

Customized labware

If your workflow isn’t a standard protocol, and needs customization, this too can become  very costly.

However, some companies, including us, offer customized labware such as racks and tubes as well as services. That way we can ensure that we meet every client’s needs.

Training and maintenance

Without a service package from the manufacturer, you will have to purchase outside help. This can be quite costly and will no doubt add to the ongoing costs that will drive up the price over time.

Since not every robotics company offers a service package as extensive as ours, training and maintenance are still not certainties. Therefore, we suggest you do some research about the different companies regardless.


What you get when shopping with us.

When shopping with us, you get dedicated innovators who know how to set up top-notch automated workflows in your lab.

And, of course, you also get our award-winning liquid handler, flowbot® ONE.

Flowbot® ONE is an affordable solution which boasts the market’s most intuitive user-interface. In fact, anyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

With 12 positions on the deck, its flexible browser-based software enables your lab to stay agile and ensures that you can smoothly switch between protocols.

We release new software on a quarterly basis, making sure that you keep benefiting from our fast-paced technological advancements.

We can help you set up your application, train your staff, and maintain the instrument.

In addition, we can customize labware and services, and offer hands-on support no matter where in the world you are located.

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