Software Features to Optimize your Protocol


It is essential that automation keeps adjusting to the needs in the labs. This enables lab technicians to optimize their protocols, ensuring that they can get the most out of their automation solution and push the boundaries for technological achievements.

That is why it is so important to keep tabs of what lab technicians are missing in their daily work.

New software features: Contact Aspiration & Pre-wetting and Mixing in Multiple Heights

We update our software regularly to help our customers and future-customers reach their full potential and make flowbot® ONE the best possible solution. In fact, we have just introduced two new features:

Contact Aspiration

In this feature, the robot touches the bottom of the wells or tubes and moves up a number of millimeters of your choice before it aspirates. This minimizes waste and gives you a low dead-volume.

It is very useful if you have expensive samples and valuable reagents, and when you are doing washing steps for applications such as ELISA or PCR clean-up for NGS.

Pre-wetting and Mixing in Multiple Heights

This allows you to mix your samples or reagents more thoroughly and is very useful if your liquid contains compounds that tend to precipitate.

You can easily adjust the heights, the volume and number of repetitions as you wish.

Other software features to support protocol optimization

Our flowbot® ONE software is a product of listening and learning. Here are some other features that help you optimize your protocol:

Liquid level detection

Liquid level detection enables your system to detect the liquid level in your labware. This is a great error control and very useful if you have valuable reagents or working with small volumes.

It also functions as a useful error control. All channels will move on until they find liquid at another position in the component or pause if you have run completely out of liquid.


In bottom-touch the robot touches the pipette to the bottom after dispensing. This is great if you have very small volumes or if you are dry-dispensing, ensuring that all the liquid will be utilized and avoiding droplets hanging.

Add break-point and loops

Adding break points is especially useful if your protocol includes incubation. You can either set a timer in the program or reactivate it manually when needed.

Likewise, you can add loops in the program and avoid setting up repetitions manually. This is especially useful in washing steps for DNA purification or ELISA.

Add device action

The flowbot® ONE software comes with different device integrations, making it extra easy to use devices on the flowbot without manually adjusting the labware.

The integrated devices include a magnetic deck, a coldplate, a cooling block, and a shaker with or without temperature control.

Re-use tips

Being able to re-use tips at pipetting steps of your choice will shorten the length of the protocol and save you time. It will also minimize unnecessary plastic waste.

How to get the new features?

The new software features will be available on all robots going forwards and is part of the existing service agreements.

If you already have a service agreement you need to order an update.

If you do not have a service agreement, please contact your Flow Robotics sales representative to hear more.

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