Why book a demo of a liquid handling robot?

Are you looking to automate but finding it hard to start?

Automation can be a difficult landscape to navigate but you do have a compass: demos!

When getting into the automation game, a common mistake is waiting to book a demo until you are completely sure of what you want.

But booking it sooner rather than later will help you narrow down your search and enable you to find what feels good.  It will also help you get clear on what you need, and perhaps discover opportunities for taking it even further than you thought possible.

Book a demo of a liquid handling robot to…

1. See what it would take to automate your protocol.

One thing is to imagine – another is to experience. A demo is a way of experiencing exactly what automation can do for your specific protocol and, equally importantly, what it would require from your lab.

2. Get a feel for it and see if you can imagine it in your lab.

It’s hard to truly understand what it would mean to implement a liquid handling robot without having handled one. A demo can give you an instant idea of what automation would mean in your everyday routine.

3. See if you find it intuitive.

Finding an intuitive solution, that you can easily implement as part of your lab flow, is crucial. There is only one way to do that: get a demo. In fact, get several demos.

Trying out and comparing different liquid handling robots will get you that much closer to one you can trust with your valuable research.

4. Check out your options.

Never decide without benchmarking. Liquid handling robots might have the same overall function – to pipette – but there can be a world of difference between them. Things such as user interfaces, programming methods, price, flexibility, and complexity can be quite dissimilar. And you need to figure out what suits you the best.

5. Discover new possibilities.

A, maybe unforeseen, benefit of getting a demo is discovering new possibilities. And who doesn’t like an aha experience. So, book a demo to see what new potentials you can tap into.

Our solution

Our mission is clear: To make liquid handling robots accessible to labs of all shapes and sizes.

Our pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, is a flexible turn-key automation solution with user-friendly browser-based software.

flowbot® ONE makes advanced programming, extensive training, and a long implementation period obsolete. In fact, it is created so anyone can learn to use it within an hour and can be easily repurposed, thus futureproofing your lab.

With flowbot® ONE you are always just a few clicks away from an automated protocol.

Talk to an automation expert

Book a demo

At Flow Robotics you can always get a no strings attached demo, just fill in the form:

At Flow Robotics we were met by a very enthusiastic team that gave us a thorough introduction to the robot’s capabilities. When we were introduced to their user-friendly software, we were very excited. We envisioned our technicians being able to operate the device relatively easily.

Director of the Clinical Lab, Nordic Bioscience