How does a Liquid Handling Robot work


You might have noticed that more and more labs are implementing automation and utilizing modern technology to increase throughput, safety and altogether get the ultimate lab performance.

Are you asking yourself, how does a liquid handling robot work?

Then read on.

How a liquid handling robot works

Liquid handling robots are pipetting systems that perform programmed transfers of liquids. They can also perform temperature incubation, mixing, shaking, and magnetic separations.

This enables you to spend your time on more valuable work and relieves you of possible strain injuries caused by repetitive movements.

Liquid handling robots are used in a wide range of applications. Some easily automated applications are:

We generally recommend looking into automation if you have more than one time-consuming pipetting task per week.

Easy Integration

Liquid handling robots have one main purpose: to get the job done!

And the name of the game is to get it done with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

That is why most robotics companies strive to make their systems as user-friendly, intuitive, and flexible as possible. The result? Instruments that can fit into any lab.

If you have a large throughput or few hands on deck, you might take it a step further and integrate different instruments to create end-to-end automation.

For most labs that would mean integrating a robot arm with a liquid handler. The robot arm will then place the plates on the pipetting robot and remove them again – freeing up your staff completely and ensuring maximum walk-away time.

If you wish to dive deeper into it, then map out your workflow and have an informal talk with a robotics company about how a liquid handling robot could work for you.

Our Solution

The mission is clear: To make automation technology accessible to labs of all shapes and sizes by breaking down the technology barriers – always seeking solutions to improve your liquid handling workflows.

The technology behind the pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, enables affordable lab automation of various liquid handling tasks. It is a flexible turn-key automation solution with user-friendly browser-based software.

flowbot® ONE makes advanced programming, extensive training, and a long implementation period obsolete. In fact, it is created so anyone can learn to use it within an hour and can be easily repurposed, thus futureproofing your lab.

With flowbot® ONE you are always just a few clicks away from an automated protocol.

If you want to learn more and explore how flowbot ONE can help your lab, then book a demo and let’s talk.



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