Herlev Hospital using flowbot ONE for COVID-19 sample preparation


Chief Physician at Herlev Hospital, Jens Otto Jarløv, is pleased about being able to automate in his laboratory. “We are incredibly happy that Flow Robotics can deliver flowbot ONE so quickly. They are innovative, and they automate just what we need. We are very happy about it, and the cooperation has been really good,” he says.

Top photo: Martin Friis and Thomas Sundelin from Herlev Hospital

Martin Friis, Molecular Biologist at Herlev Hospital in Denmark: “We are already working in a safe way, but flowbot ONE takes us to the next level as we can avoid contact with the samples during the pipetting.”

Martin FriisThomas Sundelin and their team have experienced what a difference it makes to use flowbot ONE in the test procedures of COVID-19. Martin explains: “The robot pipettes living virus and it can pipette several samples simultaneously. This means we can avoid repetitive work and decrease the risk of work related injuries. Also, the risk of making pipetting errors is eliminated, since the robot uses a predefined pipetting pattern. All in all, our stress levels have decreased in many ways: less repetive work, and fewer potential errors. While the robot is pipetting, we can perform other tasks, accelerating the speed of the COVID-19 tests we are performing. In general, we are excited by the potential and flexibility of our new robots. Right now, it is pipetting samples and I am convinced that after the corona-pandemic, we will find other areas of use, as flowbot ONE easily can be set up to other tasks and labware in our lab.”