Below you will find the specifications of flowbot™ ONE.
You can also download the product data-sheet here.



W100cm x D60cm x H80cm (closed)

W100cm x D60cm x H110cm (open)




Flowbot ONE - a pipetting robot

Pipette channels

1 channel 

4 channel 

8 channel 

Volume Ranges

1, 4 and 8 channel pipettes:

  • 1-20μL
  • 2-200μL
  • 10-1000μL
Pipetting module for a luqid handler

Precision and accuracy 

Complies with the ISO 8655 standard.

Run time estimation

A time estimation for the length of the program is made for each protocol before and during run of the program.


General liquid transfer

Serial dilutions


Multiple dispensing


Affordable customized racks, containers and more can be purchased

Customized racks, containers and more can easily be defined in the component editor in the user interface  

Many more functions… 


Common pipette tips with or without filter can be used.

Standard components are already predefined, including:

  • (6, 12, 24, 96, 384)-Well plates
  • 50mL, 2mL, 1.5 mL Eppendorf tube racks

New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user.

Components should fit the SBS format.

Pipetting module for a robot


12 positions (SBS format)

Tip detection

Liquid level detection of source

Bottom touch

Optional tip reuse

Pause (reaction or incubation time)

Customizable liquid classes

CSV Import/Export of programs

Easy editing of programs

PDF reports of programs

Historical logs of executed programs

Sharing programs between users

Control of devices integrated with flowbot™ ONE (heater/shaker etc.)



Every run is streamed live on a tablet or computer. Any device with a browser can be used to control the flowbot™ ONE.


Safety door detection and emergency stop button.


Temperature and Shaker in one

If you need to mix and control the temperature you can do all this in one device integrated in flowbot™ ONE.

The name is BioShaker 3000T if you need mixing and temperature control.

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The MagneticDeck is ideal for your automation.

Can be used from 96 Well-plates.

Contact us for more information.


If you need to mix liquids this device integrated in flowbot™ ONE.

The BioShaker 3000 if you have a need for only mixing.

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By using the barcode scanning function with your flowbot ONE you can ensure full traceability of your processed samples.

You can get the output in CSV files for downstream processing.

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For quickly and precisely control of the temperature processes on flowbot™ ONE you can use a ColdPlate.

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Rotapure system

Rotapure Lab Instruments produces a system which allows mixing and centrifuging laboratory samples in batches. Using this system together with the flowbot ONE in your lab enables you to e.g. setup a procedure on the Rotapure system while flowbot ONE takes care of your next batch of samples.  Read about Rotapure Lab Instruments here.

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