Mix and control the temperature on flowbot™ ONE

We believe that technology should adjust to processes and not the other way around – this is why we have designed flowbot™ ONE carefully to adapt to your lab and your workflow.

If you need to mix and control the temperature you can do all this in one device integrated in flowbot™ ONE.

There are 2 devices for this: the BioShaker 3000 if you have a need for only mixing and the BioShaker 3000T if you need mixing and temperature control.


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    Heater / shaker compatible with the liquid handler

    Temperature controller/shaker - Bioshake 3000-T

    The BioShake 3000-T is an all-in-one device – here you get temperature and shaker in one device that can be integrated with flowbot™ ONE !
    The BioShake 3000-T heats from ambient up to 99 °C in a short time, provides ease of use features, amazing comfort and maximum safety.
    Exchangeable adapter plates and thermal blocks enable a perfect adaptation to tubes or glass vials. Here some details:
    • Ideal for vials and tubes
    • High-precision heating from ambient to 99°C
    • Perfected thermo adapters
    • Fast mixing from 200 up to 3,000 rpm
    • 2.0 mm mixing orbit
    • Sensored zero-position
    • All parts indside
    • Easy installation & simple start-up
    • Stylish aluminium housing
    Heater / shaker compatible with the liquid handler

    Shaker - BioShake 3000

    The BioShake 3000 is designed for reliable mixing of vials and tubes. This shaker provides ease of use features, amazing comfort and maximum safety. 
    Exchangeable adapter plates enable a perfect adaptation to tubes or glass vials. 
    Fully adjustable up to 3,000 rpm, well beyond the speeds of most other brands, guarantees fast, reliable mixing for vials. More details:
    • Ideal for vials and tubes
    • For weight of more than 200 g
    • Optimized mass balance elements
    • Fast mixing from 200 up to 3,000 rpm
    • 2.0 mm mixing orbit
    • Perfected adapters
    • Sensored zero-position
    • All parts indside
    • Easy installation & simple start-up


    Other flowbot™ ONE integrations


    For quickly and precisely control of the temperature processes on flowbot™ ONE you can use a ColdPlate.

    Read more here


    The MagneticDeck is ideal for your automation.

    Can be used from 96 Well-plates.

    Contact us for more information.


    By using the barcode scanning function with your flowbot™ ONE you can ensure full traceability of your processed samples.

    You can get the output in CSV files for downstream processing.

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    We decided on the flowbot™ ONE due to its price and the high flexibility of the system.

    Flexibility is important to us and with the features that come with this robot we have a system that adapts to our shifting pipetting procedures.

    Philipp Kuhn

    Ph.D. Molecular Biotechnology, YUMAB

    A user-friendly interface – no programming required 

    drag and drop lab racks in your pipetting robot


    Want to change the order of components or moves? Just drag and drop them whenever you need it and wherever you need it.

    pipetting several wells marked


    Avoid spending time clicking on each separate well; this feature lets you mark several wells by just click, drag, release. Job done! 

    automatics recognition of the pipetting components


    Using AR technology the robot recognizes the components you place inside the work area.


    Ensuring flexibility and reliability


    One platform for all your labware

    CSV-file based setups

     Cherry picking, reorganization, 384-well plate work and more

    Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring

    Customize components to your needs

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    A guide to your pipetting cobot