CSV-file based setups

– Cherry picking, reorganization, 384-well plate work and more

Sometimes it makes sense to build your assays in a spread sheet file, which can be manipulated using the standard operations, which you are familiar with. To support this type of modus operandi, all flowbot ONE steps in any given process can be programmed from a simple CSV format. It is possible to both save or load your setup files as well as the steps describing the individual pipetting steps of the liquid handling process. Furthermore, if you want to load concentrations of your material for dilutions protocols or normalization steps, the input can be provided in CSV files. The user interface clearly indicates where you can upload data using CSV files.  

Pipetting results in a CSV file


CSV can be used in the following steps: 

  • Description of your specific deck layout of labware 
  • Description of individual pipetting steps for both pipetting and dispensing aliquots (save/load)
  • Input for normalization
  • Input for dilution
  • Input for ID tags on individual plates and wells for traceability

CSV files allows the experienced user to create quick manipulations of complex protocols. Operating with multiple and long pipetting sequences on 384-well plates can sometimes be quite error-prone. You reduce this risk by setting up the complex protocols in CSV files.



  • Throughout the natural flow of the user interface, options will appear to use CVS files as input files for your setup
  • Upload or download templates for your specific changes
  • Define a pipetting map of “hits” or “cherries” to be picked and transferred in the CSV files
  • Reorganize from plate to plate with source and target ID
  • Reformat, e.g., from 96-well microtiter plates to 384-well microtiter plates
  • Create macros to automate the CSV files generation



  • PC/Mac with spread sheet software
  • Instruction manual from Flow Robotics 
  • Defined components on your flowbot ONE 

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More applications for flowbot ONE

Pipette rack for PCR and qPCR


Flowbot ONE offers the accuracy of 1 μL pipetting and with an unprecedented large flexibility for users to define their own labware (tips, vials, tubes), the various PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR setups are easily handled by flowbot ONE.

Assistant puts pipette racks in the liquid handling robot

Reformatting, cherry picking, transferring

You may often be challenged by having your samples or material in one format, in one orientation or in a container, which isn’t optimal for the down stream processes but to make the transfers into a new format, a new orientation or a different container is just a tedious and time consuming manual job.