The User Interface

The intuitive user interface of flowbot ONE ensures a fast and easy setup of each protocol.
Computer vision technology recognizes your components and enables a flexible setup.
No installation required. The software runs in your web browser via an enclosed WiFi system.

Place components

Live video is streamed to the user interface to make protocol setup fast and easy. Just place the components in the work area.

Standard components are automatically detected using a camera below the working area.

Specify moves

Define source and target
After placing the components you simply point and click for defining source and target for each step in the program.

Pipette setup
Pipette modules, tip types, volume and many more settings can easily be specified during the setup of the protocol.

Run your program

After saving a protocol you can run it immediately (or come back another day if you prefer). Follow the execution on the video stream in the graphical user interface.

Customize your components

Using the component editor it is easy to define custom components such as new well plates or tube racks. flowbot ONE has the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

Round, V-shaped bottom or more complicated shapes can be defined as well.


Meet the liquid handling robot that ensures you a high degree of flexibility and reliability. The software for flowbot™ ONE runs in your browser on your own laptop.

  • No programming required – anyone can use the software for flowbot™ ONE
  • Programs can be edited, copied, previewed as well as shared among other users of flowbot™ ONE
  • Traceability: Execution logs for all runs are saved and can easily be printed for documentation, e.g. PDFs, CSV and more

And you can do more in the user interface:

  • Share programs with other users
  • Create your own liquid classes
  • Create your own components
  • Preview programs before run
  • Time estimate while setting up protocols
  • Add your own notes to each component and each move
  • Insert break points whenever and wherever you need it
  • Create programs using devices, e.g. heater/shaker modules