Service, Support & Partnerships

To ensure you get the ideal workflow and maximum value of flowbot ONE, we offer a wide range of services as well as customized application support and partnerships.

Service and preventive maintenance

We offer an extensive service package to make sure that you get up and running as easily as possible, and that your flowbot ONE stays in optimal conditions.

Learn more about our offers on service and preventive maintenance here.

“So far, even bachelor students have been able to start sequencing their own samples. I expected to have a service role and help e.g., the students, but that has hardly been necessary at all”.

Rasmus Riemer Jakobsen’s PhD student, Univerrsity of Copenhagen

Application Support

We offer thorough application support to make your workflow as good as possible, and make it easy to implement the flowbot ONE into your existing workflow.

We also offer customization of e.g. labware and our application specialists are ready to find innovative ways of automating whatever application you are working with.

Our racks were made specifically for us which was amazing. Inputting customized racks into the flowbot® ONE is really easy. All in all, it worked very well, and we could implement a liquid handler without too much change to our existing workflow”

Dr. Camille Assaf, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

OEM Partnerships

We can support you with several different types of partnerships, from simple hardware solutions to full assay-ready work stations.

The flowbot® ONE was definitely the easiest instrument to integrate because of its very simple API.

Rikard Nyström, MSc lecturer, Uppsala University


Check out our selection of tutorials to get some insights into how the flowbot ONE will fit into your lab

The videos illustrates frequently asked questions, ranging from setting up normalization and sample dilution to using external devices.

Do you need service on your flowbot ONE?

Service Partners

The US: Monterey Automations

Rest of the world: Our local distributors

Please contact us to hear more about our service and support solutions.