Pipette tips for lab workflows on flowbot™ ONE

At Flow Robotics we know that you sometimes experience shortage of pipette tips. Therefore we have chosen to offer our own brand to our customers –  and don’t worry, we have plenty in stock!

Heater / shaker compatible with the liquid handler

Pipette tips

Our flowbot pipette tips comes in the sizes:

1-50 µl

2-200 µl

We sell 24  boxes each with 96 tips at the time.

Heater / shaker compatible with the liquid handler

Pipette tips

flowbot pipette tips for 10-1000 µl

We sell 24 boxes with 96 tips at the time.

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Other flowbot™ ONE integrations


For quickly and precisely control of the temperature processes on flowbot™ ONE you can use a ColdPlate.

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The MagneticDeck is ideal for your automation.

Can be used from 96 Well-plates.

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By using the barcode scanning function with your flowbot™ ONE you can ensure full traceability of your processed samples.

You can get the output in CSV files for downstream processing.

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