OEM Partnerships

At flow robotics we value our partnerships and together we create solutions that simplify and improve workflows in labs around the world.  

We can support you with several different types of partnerships, from simple hardware solutions, to full assay-ready work stations, integration of devices and combinations of hardware, reagent kits and ready made programs to run on the flowbot ONE.  

Why you should partner with us: 

  • The flowbot ONE has an open API that can easily be integrated.
  • The flowbot ONE software is an extremely flexible system that can be customized to different setups.
  • The flowbot ONE can easily be adjusted to different labware, reagents, and kits.
  • The Flow Robotics team works flexibly and innovative to create new opportunities.

The flowbot® ONE was definitely the easiest instrument to integrate because of its very simple API.

Rikard Nyström, MSc lecturer, Uppsala University

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