Sopachem joins us as distributors in Belgium


We’re delighted to announce our distribution and service collaboration with Sopachem who will represent the flowbot® ONE in Belgium and parts of the Netherlands – a venture with a huge potential.

“Automation was always considered to be reserved for really big numbers of samples, yet pipetting errors or pipetting injuries are commonplace in every lab environment. Most researchers simply put too much trust in their own skills and forego the limitations of a handheld device,” says Bart Vleugels, Product Specialist at Sopachem.

Together we want to show people what they have been missing out on and to help them leave the menial and repetitive tasks behind so they can focus on analysis, research, and innovation instead.

“We see a huge potential in the Belgian market where impactful research and innovation are constantly emerging. With a dedicated and professional partner like Sopachem at our side, we will bring a unique, highly sophisticated, and affordable liquid handling solution to Belgian labs of all sizes,” says Thomas Brydensholt, Director of Global Partnerships at Flow Robotics.

“In my experience this is the first device that actually works – even if you don’t have a knack for writing up software protocols. Writing up a program is usually a hurdle because most lab workers are not trained in software languages. However, the flowbot® ONE is a disruptive product that pushes the boundaries of user-friendliness until automation is not difficult at all anymore. It brings automation within everybody’s reach,” Bart Vleugels agrees.

We look forward to continuing our services in Belgium with Sopachem and getting intuitive automation close to the people whose work routine we can make that much easier.


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