PromedeusLab and Flow Robotics announce distribution partnership in the Czech Republic


PromedeusLab and Flow Robotics have ventured into a distribution partnership to bring the pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, and its consumables to labs in the Czech Republic.

“Automation of manual tasks is a clear trend in both the public and private Czech laboratories. We strive to bring a unique, highly sophisticated and price competitive liquid handling solution to our market with flowbot® ONE,” says Mgr. Svatava Sekaninová, CEO of PromedeusLab, and adds:

The flowbot® ONE’s cutting-edge technology complimented by our first class customer, application and service support will help the labs to focus on high value tasks and drive their outcomes more efficiently.

Svatava Sekaninová, CEO of PromedeusLab

PromedeusLab and Flow Robotics share the vision of offering user-friendly, flexible, and affordable automation solutions, like the flowbot® ONE, to help labs reach their full potential.

“We see a lot of excellent research and innovation coming out of the Czech Republic. It is home to outstanding universities as well as exciting life science companies. We are delighted to work with PromedeusLab to bring our intuitive automation solution into such a focal point,“ adds Thomas Brydensholt, Director of Global Partnerships at Flow Robotics.

With customer service front and center,  the companies will enable everyone to implement automation – whether it’s for labs that are seasoned in automation or users that are taking their very first steps on their automation journey.

About PromedeusLab

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