Lanmer joins us as distributors in the Baltics.

New distribution partnership

Together with Lanmer we bring automated pipetting to the Baltics

Lanmer will represent the intuitive pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, and its consumables. A venture they believe is of great significance.

“For the longest time, labs all around the Baltics have been relying on their skilled workers to carry out the pipetting. With the Flow Robotics’ automated pipetting platforms our goal is to free up these brilliant minds to focus on innovation instead,“ says Kent Langel, CCO at Lanmer.

flowbot® ONE is a disruptive product that pushes the boundaries of user-friendly technology until automation is not difficult at all.

The Baltics is a super exciting place for research and innovation. Lanmer is on the same mission as us, which is to provide innovative solutions, quality products and great service. Helping labs implement automation and creating an intuitive automated workflow is front and center of how we both operate,

Thomas Brydensholt - Director of Global Partnerships, Flow Robotics.

The intuitive flowbot® ONE has already proven itself as a reliable and easy-to-use workhorse for routine qPCR labs in the Baltics. With the help of the local scientific communities, we are looking forward to implementing the many available flowbot® ONE modules to create custom setups that meet our client’s challenges and crazy ideas.

Kent Langel - CCO, Lanmer

Ultimately this means that all types of labs can benefit from it and utilize modern technology to advance lab performance.

About Lanmer OÜ

Lanmer OÜ was founded by Merlin Langel in 2014 in Tartu in Estonia as clinical research monitoring service provider. In 2018, the company changed direction and started investing in distribution department development.

In the same year, the department for distribution of research and medical solutions was established for the markets of Baltic and Nordic countries, and it is now collaborating with global industry leaders. Visit their website here.