Flowbot ONE on Danish national television


Flowbot ONE on Danish national television today. Gorm Lisby, section chief at Hvidovre Hospital explains: “The robots help us in a situation where we are in need of more bioanalysts, and they help us taking care of our employees, so that they don’t get overburdened and get strain injuries.”

flowbot ONE has taken over the massive workload of COVID-19 sample preparation. In the test lab at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark, 2 flowbot ONEs are running simultanously preparing 400 COVID-19 samples per day. You can see the interview with Jan Gorm Lisby and the 2 robots in action on DR1’s website.

The news report starts at 01:08:26

We at Flow Robotics are energized and proud of being able to support the healthcare system the past couple of months.