Automation Trends 2023


Lab Automation Trends 2023

Get insights on what’s new within lab automation in 2023. We have collected the trends and technologies for you in an easily snackable format 🙂

Lab automation trends 2023

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Automation Trends 2023

Are you curious about the upcoming trends in lab automation?

Spend 20 minutes with Rob, and he will give you an overview of the automation game 2023.

He will dive into:

  • The circumstances that are changing the game in the labs
  • What robot vendors must provide to support the labs
  • The technologies that will make an impact – including liquid handling automation.

He will also give you an insight into the applications and workflows that it can easily be applied to.

Who should attend: Labmanagers and automation specialists.

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…And don’t worry if you cannot make it we share the recording afterwards if you have signed up.