Did you know that 46,5% of medical lab technicians do the same arm movements at least 25% of their workday?

This infographic gives you a lot of facts about the worklife of a laboratory professional and some good tips to how you can avoid work related injuries by adding automated processes to the workflow.

It is estimated that each year 13 billion laboratory tests are conducted in the United States. That means that laboratory testing is the single highest-volume medical activity in the lives of Americans.

Those 13 billion tests help drive approximately two-thirds of all medical decisions made by your doctor and other health care professionals from cradle to grave.
However there are only 337,800 practicing medical laboratory professionals for a population of just over 330 million people in the U.S. That is a lot to tests that needs analysing each day per laboratory professional!

The American Society for Clinical Pathology conducted a survey of laboratory professionals and reported that 85.3% felt burnt out; 36.5% reported inadequate staffing; 31.5% complained of a heavy workload and pressure to complete all testing; and 14.9% cite a lack of recognition and respect.


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