The Jury have deliberated and nominated 3 Danish technology products, including flowbot® ONE, for the DIRA Technology Award 2021.

The Award is given to honor a unique and innovative technology product with great market potential. This year, a wide range of technologies are represented, and the nominees are:

  • Flow Robotics with the liquid handling robot flowbot® ONE for automizing pipetting in laboratories.
  • Odico with the robot Cut’N Move for cutting large tiles, bricks etc. in the building industry.
  • OnRobot with the magnetic gripper MG10 that detects if the robot has a correct grip on an object

What the Jury says about flowbot® ONE

“The technology automizes many tasks that would otherwise be done manually. This will relieve laboratory personnel and bio analysts from repeating movements that might cause work-related injuries. flowbot ONE is easy to use and adapts to the laboratory – not the other way around”

“Usability is a significant factor in flowbot® ONE. Flow Robotics have considered scalability and application, and that will be essential in the technological development”


We are very grateful to the Jury for the DIRA nomination and look forward to attending ROBOTBRAG next week

Steen Vester

Chief Technology Officer, Flow Robotics


The award will be presented at ROBOTBRAG after the companies have pitched their products to the Jury.

ROBOTBRAG 2021 will take place at Technological Institute in Odense on 26 August and be open for students on 27 August. You can meet Flow Robotics at the convention both days.

Read more about ROBOTBRAG

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