The flowbot™ ONE supports a number of external devices, racks etc. Some we sell individually or bundled with a flowbot™ ONE. Get the overview here.


By using the barcode scanning function with your flowbot™ ONE you can ensure full traceability of your processed samples.

You can get the output in CSV files for downstream processing.

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Temperature and Shaker in one

If you need to mix and control the temperature you can do all this in one device integrated in flowbot™ ONE.

The name is BioShaker 3000T if you need mixing and temperature control.

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For quickly and precisely control of the temperature processes on flowbot™ ONE you can use a ColdPlate.

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If you need to mix liquids this device integrated in flowbot™ ONE.

The BioShaker 3000 if you have a need for only mixing.

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At Flow Robotics we offer a selection of the most common used racks for a flowbot™ ONE.

Visit our rack page for details of racks for your lab workflow.

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Cooling blocks

Keep your samples cool. The cooling block goes in the freezer and is often used for setting up PCR buffer, templates, samples and enzymes cold.

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Pipette tips

Get your pipette tips for flowbot™ ONE. We offer different sizes.

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The MagneticDeck is ideal for your automation.

Can be used from 96 Well-plates.

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Other devices

We believe in that it should be easy to use our robot and it should adjust to your need and not the other way around – therefore flowbot™ ONE can be integrated with other devices such as MagneticDecks as well.

If you have any special requirement in your lab just contact us and we can find a solution together.

Would you like to see flowbot™ ONE in action?

Get a free demo. You can use the pipette tips of your choice on flowbot™ ONE.